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The UK has a rapidly growing space launch capability, with spaceports now being actively developed and constructed across the country and with orbital launches to be expected as soon as 2023! With these spaceports, many new rocket companies have also been established within the last few years, aiming to capture the constantly growing market demand for orbital launch capabilities.

UKSEDS has created the National Rocketry Championships with the aim of providing university students who have had no or limited experience in the field of rocketry hands-on experience designing, building and launching a rocket.

Teams are challenged with designing, building and launching a mid-power rocket with the primary goal of reaching an apogee of 2500ft. Motor selection will be limited to ensure a fair competition between teams. Teams must also have a payload on their rocket, to be more accurate to real rocket launches. Teams will also be required to submit a brief technical report detailing their design and build for evaluation by our skilled team of industry experts.

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Who can participate?

The competition is open to all UKSEDS members. If you are not already a member, sign up for free membership today. This includes students (Bachelors to PhD), and we also support graduate teams (as long as team members have graduated within the last 3 years). Team sizes are limited to 15 but there is no lower team limit. There is no entry fee associated with this competition.

Funding Opportunities

Teams participating in the National Rocketry Competition will have the opportunity to apply for a grant to partially cover their costs.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Orbex, we’re also able to offer a grant for participating teams with at least half of their team members identifying as female or non-binary to also provide 50% of the costs for their rocket up to £150.

Where can I find other competition information?

All of our competition documents can be found on our competitions hub page. This includes our technical guidelines, rules and requirements and templates for all relevant submissions.

Initial Outline Design

Deadline:  Midnight GMT 16th December 2023

Design and Build Report

Deadline:  Midnight GMT 15th March 2024

Flight Readiness Review

Deadline:  Midnight GMT 29th May 2024

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