The UKSEDS National Awards recognise excellence among students in the space community. They are presented every year at the UKSEDS National Student Space Conference. 

Applicatons for the UKSEDS National Awards 2024 are now open! Make your nomination, or have someone nominate you, here! Applications will close at 23:59 GMT on the 26th of February 2024. They will be considered by the UKSEDS Trustees. The winners will be announced on the first day of the NSSC

Student of the Year

This award honours outstanding contributions to the student space community this year. This student made the most significant impact as a whole, and has demonstrated excellent leadership ability, dedication, hard work, or persistence.

Outreach Ambassador of the Year

This award honours an outreach ambassador who promotes student effort at educating the public about the importance of space. This individual has been innovative or especially effective at promoting space exploration and development.

Branch of the Year

This award honours the best performing branch which has displayed the vision of UKSEDS at every opportunity. This branch worked on a variety of projects and made a great effort to interact with other members nationally.

New/Most Improved Branch of the Year

This award honours the effort made by new or revamped branches to have an active and engaging year. This branch held events with a positive impact on the wider community, and built an engaged membership during the year..

Best Project of the Year

This award honours the best student technical project either at branch or national level. The winner of this award demonstrates strong accomplishment. This project overall follows, encourages, and enhances the mission of UKSEDS while building technical skills critical for students participating in the project. It serves in some form or another as to what projects should strive to attain.

Diversity & Inclusion Champion of the Year

This award honours the student or society who has gone above and beyond to contribute to UKSEDS’ goal to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion in the space sector. Examples of actions that could lead to a nomination include: running events for Black History Month/LGBT+ Month, or organising digital campaigns to raise awareness of minorities in STEM.

Sustainability Champion of the Year

This award recognizes student societies or projects that promote sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly within the space sector. The award acknowledges their commitment to environmental issues and through eco-conscious practices and campaigns to ensure that there is a future for space activities. The recipient demonstrates creativity and impact in promoting sustainability. The award aims to inspire and encourage others towards a sustainable future in space.

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