We have liftoff!

Welcome to UKSEDS Competitions 2023-24

Welcome to UKSEDS Competitions! Our competitions aim to promote the space industry as a career path for students and help them develop key industry-relevant skills. We run five competitions focused on rocketry, rover design, satellite design and in-orbit servicing & manufacturing. Read more about our competitions below.

Registration for the 2023-24 ORT, SDC, NRC and IOSM competitions has now closed. Registration is open from 6th October – 23rd October. Mach-24 registration is open on the 17th October 2023.

If you wish to sign up for a competition but you don’t have a team, we will try and pair you with a team in need so still sign up! However please be aware that this is dependent on availability and the number of applications we receive. Although we will provide support throughout the competition, we will not be able to facilitate in-person meetings and transport to/from these meetings for those in multi-university teams.

Here you will find the Competitions Brochure, which contains all you need to know about the Competitions! If you have any questions or issues, please contact [email protected].

On the 12th of October 2022 UKSEDS Competitions ran an online Q&A! Below we have linked the presentation and session recording.

This year’s Competitions Launch Event will be on the 28th October. More information on this to follow soon. The event will include:

  • Introduction to the 2023-24 UKSEDS Competitions
  • Meet your industry mentors
  • Networking event with the other teams, mentors, sponsors and the UKSEDS team

Plus, we’ll also provide training through the year on relevant topics to help you build your skills for the competition and your future career – including workshops on project management, systems engineering, and outreach!

Our competitions are not-to-be-missed, sign up your team now to try something new, learn invaluable skills, and enjoy all the best UKSEDS has to offer.

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