UKSEDS to co-host ESA space education symposium


UKSEDS are pleased to announce that their joint bid with the University of Leicester and the National Space Academy to host the 3rd Symposium on Space Educational Activities in September 2019 has been selected by the European Space Agency.   The Symposium is aimed at students and educators interested in space related educational activities, particularly […]

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National Rocketry Championship Winners 2017-18

Copy of DSC00049

Another team has taken glory to become the winners of the UKSEDS National Rocketry Championships 2017-18. Drum roll, please. Our Champions for this year are UWEBAR our branch from the University of the West of England. We loved their 3D printed fin can with removable fins and custom boattail and interesting parachute mounting method. In […]

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Information: UKSEDS Data Breach


Summary An attacker gained access to the UKSEDS web server, which contains databases used by our main website and transaction system. They had access to the data stored in these databases, which includes customers’, attendees’, members’, branch leads’ and sponsors’ information (detailed separately). We don’t think they accessed this information. The evidence suggests their goal […]

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Points of Light Award for!


Congratulations to UKSEDS’ own Portia Bowman and Joseph Dudley, who were awarded the Points of Light award for the creation our careers website SpaceCareers.UK. Launching in 2015, on the same day Tim Peake began his widely publicised and celebrated Principia mission, SpaceCareers.UK has since shared more than 200 jobs and 100 news articles, thanks to […]

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UKSEDS National Awards 2017 Winners

Astronaut Kayleigh

This year’s awards were presented by ESA Director of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration Dr David Parker at the National Student Space Conference 2017. Student of the Year: Alex Clarry This award honours outstanding contributions to the student space community this year. This student made the most significant impact as a whole, and has demonstrated excellent […]

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UKSEDS National Awards 2017


The UKSEDS National Awards recognise excellence among students in the space community. Nominate Nominations can be made here, and must be received by 3rd March 2017. They will be considered by the UKSEDS Trustees. The winners will be announced on the first day of the conference. Categories Student of the Year This award honours outstanding […]

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Annual General Meeting 2017


Notice is hereby given of the UKSEDS Annual General Meeting. The AGM will be held on Sunday 5th March at 3pm (time may change, but will be confirmed by two weeks before) at the Peter Chalk Centre of the University of Exeter, at the conclusion of the National Student Space Conference. The officers will present their […]

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New Structure & Constitution


At this year’s Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committee will be proposing two key changes: The first is to dissolve UKSEDS in its current form (an unincorporated charity) and reform it as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This will have very little effect on what we do, but will provide the organisation and the Trustees with […]

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AstRoSoc Project Aether Success!


Students from our University of Leicester Branch – AstRoSoc, have filmed breathtaking footage of the Earth’s curvature, using a high altitude weather balloon. The unmanned balloon and sensor payload reached an altitude of 23.6km, putting it at 1.7 times the altitude ceiling of a 747 airliner. In conditions close to a vacuum with ambient temperatures around -56oC […]

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Announcement: SSPI Satellite Design Competition


UKSEDS and SSPI (Society for Satellite Professionals International) are happy to announce the 2016 – 17 Satellite Design Competition. Teams are challenged to develop the design for a small communications satellite capable of delivering 50 Mbps of data connectivity from LEO to small antennas on the ground without exceeding a weight limit of 150 kilograms. The […]

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Announcement: Lunar Rover Competition


UKSEDS are proud to announce our latest competition, the Lunar Rover Competition. Teams are challenged to design, build and test small rovers with the objective of driving into a crater, collecting a sample and returning to the lander. Rovers will be approximately 30cm cubed and weigh up to 5kg. The competition will demonstrate to students […]

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