Points of Light Award for!

Congratulations to UKSEDS’ own Portia Bowman and Joseph Dudley, who were awarded the Points of Light award for the creation our careers website SpaceCareers.UK.

Launching in 2015, on the same day Tim Peake began his widely publicised and celebrated Principia mission, SpaceCareers.UK has since shared more than 200 jobs and 100 news articles, thanks to the continued hard work of the UKSEDS Careers team.

When accepting the award on behalf of SpaceCareers.UK and the UKSEDS team, Portia and Joseph said: “Volunteering has been a fantastic experience for us, and we are thrilled to receive this award, and accept it on behalf of SpaceCareers.UK and ‘UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space’, and the huge team of volunteers who have supported us. We hope it will highlight the importance of the space sector and the many opportunities for young people to launch their careers.”

We hope this is the first of many achievements for SpaceCareers.UK, our Careers team and all our teams and volunteers here at UKSEDS.

For a full release on the award, and short transcripts of personal letters to Portia and Joseph from Prime Minister Theresa May, click here.


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