Annual General Meeting 2017

Notice is hereby given of the UKSEDS Annual General Meeting. The AGM will be held on Sunday 5th March at 3pm (time may change, but will be confirmed by two weeks before) at the Peter Chalk Centre of the University of Exeter, at the conclusion of the National Student Space Conference.

The officers will present their reports for the year, and members of UKSEDS will be able to stand for positions on the committee. It is an opportunity for members to review the committee’s progress and ask any questions regarding the directions the organisation will take in the future. The Executive Committee will be proposing two special resolutions. One to amend the constitution, and a second to change the legal structure of UKSEDS to an incorporated charity. The agenda and full details can be found here.

Anyone may attend the AGM, but only members may vote. Those wishing to attend the AGM but not the conference should notify the Secretary ([email protected]). Those who cannot attend the AGM but would like to vote should appoint a proxy or make their voting intentions known to the Secretary.

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