Lunar Rover Competition 2018 Winners!

The winning rover from Imperial College emerging into the Lunar day

Students from across the UK competed in the second UKSEDS Lunar Rover Competition at STFC’s RAL Space in Harwell on Sunday 1st July. Seven student teams consisting of over 60 participants from across the UK reached the final stage of the Lunar Rover Competition, which saw them design, construct and test a lunar rover over […]

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Information: UKSEDS Data Breach


Summary An attacker gained access to the UKSEDS web server, which contains databases used by our main website and transaction system. They had access to the data stored in these databases, which includes customers’, attendees’, members’, branch leads’ and sponsors’ information (detailed separately). We don’t think they accessed this information. The evidence suggests their goal […]

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Announcement: Rover Competition 2017-18


After the fantastic success of the inaugural Lunar Rover Competition last year, UKSEDS are proud to announce the Lunar Rover Competition 2017 – 18. We are inviting teams to design, build and test small rovers with the objective of driving into a crater, collecting a sample and returning to a lander. The competition will demonstrate […]

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Lunar Rover Competition Day 2017 – Winners Announced!


The first UKSEDS Lunar Rover Competition was held on Sunday, 16th July at STFC RAL Space. 5 teams from across the UK reached the final stage after undergoing a PDR (Preliminary Design Review) and CDR (Critical Design Review) by a panel of space industry experts from Thales Alenia Space in the UK, RAL Space and Oxford […]

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Events: January – April 2017

Asset 2

A new year, a new set of events! Radio workshop – Sheffield – 11th February 2017 Radio workshops are a great introduction into operating and using radios, and are a first step to getting your own Amateur Radio License. Radio systems are useful for all kinds of projects from High Altitude Balloons to cubesats, and a […]

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Winner of National Rocketry Championship 2015 – 16


UKSEDS is pleased to announce the 2015 – 2016 winner of the National Rocketry Championship: Cranfield Space Program with their rocket, Rockety McRocketface to a winning apogee of 828 meters. If you are interested in entering the 2016 – 17 National Rocketry Championship, check out the rules. Motor: Cesaroni two-grain G126 White Thunder Length: 62 cm Maximum […]

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Announcement: SSPI Satellite Design Competition


UKSEDS and SSPI (Society for Satellite Professionals International) are happy to announce the 2016 – 17 Satellite Design Competition. Teams are challenged to develop the design for a small communications satellite capable of delivering 50 Mbps of data connectivity from LEO to small antennas on the ground without exceeding a weight limit of 150 kilograms. The […]

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Announcement: Lunar Rover Competition


UKSEDS are proud to announce our latest competition, the Lunar Rover Competition. Teams are challenged to design, build and test small rovers with the objective of driving into a crater, collecting a sample and returning to the lander. Rovers will be approximately 30cm cubed and weigh up to 5kg. The competition will demonstrate to students […]

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New Committee!


A new committee was elected during the AGM at the National Student Space Conference 2016 in Sheffield. Before the conference, the outgoing committee voted in a change to the UKSEDS Rules & Regulations which reduces the elected committee from 12 roles to 6 roles. All members of the committee are now charitable trustees, and are […]

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UKSEDS National Awards 2016 Announced!


At the National Student Space Conference last weekend, UKSEDS announced and presented the winners of the National Awards 2016. National Rocketry Championships The National Rocketry Championship winner was Bristol SEDS. Olly Cotton, President of Bristol SEDS collected the rocket trophy from Libby Jackson from the UK Space Agency. Project of the Year The winner of […]

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Call for Volunteers 2016!


We are pleased to open applications for next year’s Executive Committee, and for our new staff teams. Joining UKSEDS is the best way to get involved in the space sector as a student. You’ll gain all sorts of skills and experience, and have the chance to work with lots of space organisations and members of […]

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