UKSEDS Annual General Meeting 2022

In addition to talks and exhibitions, the National Student Space Conference (NSSC) hosts the UKSEDS Annual General Meeting (AGM). UKSEDS is the national student space society, and its team of student and graduate volunteers organises the NSSC every year.

UKSEDS’ 2022 AGM will be held on Sunday 6th March at 5 pm. The officers will present their reports for the year, and members of UKSEDS will be able to stand for positions on the Executive Committee. It is an opportunity for members to review the Committee’s progress and ask any questions regarding the directions the organisation will take in the future. This year, our impartial returning officer for the exec election will be Jacob Smith; if you have any questions regarding running for the election, you can contact him at [email protected].


  • Approval of minutes of the 2021 AGM held online, in addition to the minutes of the EGM held on 23/08 online.
  • Reports from the Committee
  • Approval of the accounts
  • Rule changes1
  • Elections
  • Any Other Business

1The details of the proposed changes to the UKSEDS Rules’ document can be found here. Any questions can be directed to [email protected].

Am I a member?

You are a member if you have registered to be a member on the UKSEDS website in the past year or you have renewed your membership in the past year. If you have any questions about membership, contact [email protected].

What can I stand for?

Applications are open for next year’s Executive Committee, and must be received no later than 1 hour before the AGM. You can apply here.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee leads UKSEDS, creating and implementing our strategy and activities. They manage the staff, control the budget, and are legally responsible for the good-running of the charity as its charitable trustees. The Executive Committee are accountable to the other Trustees and to the Membership.

Executive Committee roles require a significant time commitment and should not be taken on lightly, but offer the opportunity to gain valuable management, communication, and teamwork skills. Experience of similar roles in university societies is recommended but not required, provided applicants are enthusiastic and willing to learn.

Find out more and apply here

I’m not a member, can I attend?

Yes. Non-members are not allowed to vote or stand, but may attend the meeting. If you would like to become a member, you can join here (it’s free!)

I’m a member but don’t have a conference ticket, can I attend?

Yes. Members can attend the AGM without a ticket for the conference, but should notify the Secretary ([email protected]).

I’m a member but can’t attend, can I still vote?

Yes. Any members who cannot attend the AGM in person but still wish to vote should appoint a proxy or make their voting intentions known to the Secretary ([email protected]).

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