Announcement: Lunar Rover Competition


UKSEDS are proud to announce our latest competition, the Lunar Rover Competition. Teams are challenged to design, build and test small rovers with the objective of driving into a crater, collecting a sample and returning to the lander. Rovers will be approximately 30cm cubed and weigh up to 5kg.

The competition will demonstrate to students the space engineering process, and culminates in a competition day at the site of one of our partners, RALSpace. Passing the final review unlocks up to funding for your rover, kindly provided by our lead sponsor Thales Alenia Space UK.

The competition day consists of several tasks each rover has to carry out, and a “shake” test on the vibration testbed at RALSpace.

Registration for the competition is now open. Check out for more information.


Manisha Kushwaha,  

Robotics Lead – [email protected]




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