Get Support For Your Freshers Stand

Freshers Packs 2012. Credit: T. Goodfellow (Leeds)

This is a routine shout-out to all branches wanting freshers packs for the next university term to support their stands during freshers week. We are designing new material including, flyers, posters and e-resources to be distributed to any UKSEDS branch that requires it. Email [email protected] before August 31st for more information on this.

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KSP Competition Winner Announcement

8 Arrival at the Mun

The first UKSEDS Kerbal Space Program Competition has now come to an end. [Warning Easter Egg Spoilers are listed in this article, don’t read if you haven’t attempted this challenge or want to find them on your own] The Scavenger Hunt Challenge required entrants to visit as many of the Kerbin’s closest moon ‘the Mun’, […]

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UKSEDS Outreach: March/June Updates.


UKSEDS participated in the Big Bang Fairs and school festival. As a part of outreach programme, our stand for these events consists for space activities such as identifying meteorites from the earth rocks, display and description of our model rocket and telescope, space game called Space Invaders played using the keyboard interface created by SpaceGambit, […]

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