UKSEDS KSP Competition #2: The Science Run

Hey KSP fans,

This here is the announcement for the second KSP competition we’re running over July and August. Following the last challenge success we have come up with another awesome Kerbal competition for our members to get involved in.This month’s competition is called ‘The Science Run’.

8 Arrival at the Mun

Fig 1. Last month’s competition winner Graham Kirkby’s space craft which stole victory.

This challenge is numerically scored, and the person who can send their Kerbonauts out into the Kerbol system and return with the highest amount of science, wins! You are scored on how much science you can collect and bring back in a single trip (so no double trips!). There are details for how to setup a save game for this competition included in our mission pack at the bottom of this post.

The challenge is now open for submission as of 23/07/14 and the deadline for submissions is 15/08/14. The winners as usual will be announced officially on 20/08/14 when our Ecliptic magazine is released. Contenders are allowed to submit multiple entries as this is a high-score based challenge. There will be a live updated score chart appearing on our website in the coming days where you’ll be able to view who’s at the top of the leader board.

*Only UKSEDS members can take part in this competition.

Best of luck!

The Science Run Mission Brief


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