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We just received this message from our Nottingham branch who got in touch to invite other UKSEDS branches to take part in a REXUS/BEXUS project. See our previous article on REXUS/BEXUS opportunities and read below to join a team:

Dear all,

We are a group of Engineering and Science students from the University of Nottingham with a deep interest in space and we are looking for people who are interested in carrying out a scientific/technological experiment on research rockets and balloons through a collaboration with the European Space Agency. Each year, two rockets and two balloons are launched, carrying up to 20 experiments designed and built by student teams.

Moreover, participants will experience the full project lifecycle of their experiment, from design and development, to building and testing, to operation and data analysis.

The experiment could be a scientific investigation, a technology demonstration or an environmental observation and it may be linked to an existing research programme at the University. We have some initial ideas, but we are happy to hear more ideas for an experiment.

Previous experiments include:

We have secured some initial funding from our University and we hope to get even more as the project advances from different organisations.

The next call for proposals has begun and ends on October 16th and we would like to ask all the students who are interested to send an e-mail so that we can get in touch to pull out something big: [email protected]

Please share it with your Engineering/Science friends that you think would be interested as well.

Best wishes

Filip Jaromczyk

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