Call for Volunteers 2016!


We are pleased to open applications for next year’s Executive Committee, and for our new staff teams.

Joining UKSEDS is the best way to get involved in the space sector as a student. You’ll gain all sorts of skills and experience, and have the chance to work with lots of space organisations and members of the community.

As a volunteer you’re on the inside, so you’ll be the first to hear about new opportunities, and the first in line when we’re arranging events with astronauts and other space celebrities.

Most importantly, you’ll get to work with other like-minded students to achieve something incredible.

Find out more about joining the team here.

The structure of UKSEDS has changed since last year following an amendment to the Rules & Regulations by the Committee.

The officer roles have been removed from the committee and replaced by a new structure of ‘Staff’ teams focusing on Careers, Marketing, Membership, Operation, Outreach, and Systems Administration. The Executive Committee has been expanded from four to six, all of whom will serve as charitable trustees.

Together these changes increase the number of volunteer roles available to enthusiastic students, and will improve how we operate as well as help to ensure our long term stability. If you have any queries about the changes, contact [email protected].

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