UKSEDS Constitutional Vote – Feb 2015

The Committee is proposing some changes to the Constitution which defines UKSEDS’ purpose and structure. We consider these changes relatively minor, and do not have any concerns about them dramatically altering UKSEDS or its activities. A copy of the current constitution can be found here.

There will be a two week consultation period from now until the UKSEDS Annual General Meeting on 1 March, in which you can review the proposed changes, ask any questions, and raise any issues you have.

Following this there will be a vote at the AGM, which is being held at the conclusion of the UKSEDS National Student Space Conference at the University of Surrey. All registered members (including branch members) are eligible to cast a single vote in favour or in opposition to the motion.

Members without tickets to the conference may still attend AGM, and should contact the Secretary. Any members who cannot attend the AGM in person should appoint a proxy or make their voting intentions known to the Secretary.

Why are these changes necessary?

The clause concerning our trustees was originally written before we became a charity. As a result, it doesn’t match up with the actual role of charitable trustees.  We are therefore proposing to amend it so that it makes sense in the context of a our charitable status.

What are the changes?

Alteration of Clause Seven (Trustees)

Current clause seven

  1. The Board of Trustees will consist of the executive of UKSEDS (as outlined in the Rules and Regulations) and at least one and up to two representatives of the wider UK space sector. The later to be selected by the committee and approved by the membership at the next AGM.
  2. The role of the Board will be to provide advice and support as necessary to the committee. The committee will retain responsibility for the day to day running of UKSEDS.

Proposed clause seven

  1. The charitable trustees of UKSEDS (“The Trustees”) will consist of the Executive of the UKSEDS Committee (as outlined in the Rules and Regulations) in addition to the previous year’s Executive.
  2. The Trustees shall manage the affairs of UKSEDS and may for that purpose exercise all the powers of UKSEDS. It is the duty of each charity trustee to exercise their powers and to perform their functions in their capacity as a trustee of UKSEDS, in the way which they decide in good faith would be most likely to further the purposes of UKSEDS

What do I if I have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the changes that have been proposed, please contact me at [email protected]

Joseph Dudley
Secretary of UKSEDS


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