SEDS-Canada Re-formed

cropped-sedscan_websitebanner_1000x288We’re pleased to share the news that one of our sister national organisations has been re-formed in Canada, with chapters at University of Western Ontario and University of Toronto.

Like UKSEDS, SEDS-Canada are the only student-run non-profit organisation at the national level to advocate for space in their country. Their ambitions follow the SEDS mission to build up a unified network of pro-space student groups across their nation, to support them by providing resources and activities, and to use their collective strength to voice their support for a better space programme to the media and government.

If you know of space students in Canada, then please help spread the word! Or if you know of someone in the industry, then do get in touch with the new Chair. Read official announcement here (PDF).

Please contact Kaizad Raimalwala, Chair of SEDS-Canada at [email protected] to get involved and help grow SEDS-Canada. You can also subscribe to their mailing list to keep yourself updated on their events and activities.

Also visit their website at

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