“Time Capsule to Mars” Aims for 2018 Mars Landing

Students from around the world are coming together to launch the first private, student-led mission to Mars. Learn how to join the mission today.

Have you dreamt about leaving your footprint on Mars? Leaving a personal legacy for future generations? Contributing to a major international effort to push the boundaries of human space exploration?

Time Capsule to Mars (TC2M) is a mission that can help you accomplish all of those goals.

TCTM-logo1TC2M is a completely student-led initiative that is partnering with students and universities around the world to deliver a CubeSat-based spacecraft to the surface of Mars by 2018. The craft will carry digital content from people all over the world who upload their tweets, pictures, audio clips, and videos for a small fee. Collectively, the content will create a “snapshot of humanity” that future human explorers to the Red Planet will recover.

This isn’t, however, just a mission about culture and legacy. TC2M is also developing technology that will be used in subsequent space missions, including manned missions. From its development of specialized ion electrospray propulsion technology to its use of cutting-edge quartz storage technology and more, TC2M will contribute to the list of innovative new technologies being developed for space exploration.

TC2M’s Advisory Board includes historic astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Precourt, and Kent Rominger. The mission is also supported by a number of aerospace firms including ATK, Aerojet Rocketdyne, The Boeing Company, Draper Laboratory, and more. With this support, TC2M expects to be the first private and first student-led mission to Mars.

To learn more about how you, as an individual student or group of students, can get involved and help us launch, follow TC2M on Twitter (@timecapsulemars), Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also visit

David Rokeach, the Business Director for TC2M and a graduate student at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, will be speaking at the UKSEDS National Student Space Conference. Be sure to attend his talk to learn more about how you can get involved.

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