UKSEDS Outreach at the Brighton Science Festival 2015

We were delighted to carry out outreach at the Brighton Science Festival on the 16th February 2015. The venue for this outreach was a pub called the Hope in Brighton. It was a new and amazing experience to do outreach in a local Brighton pub. We shared a venue with Jon London of Out of this World Learning. More information about Jon’s work can be found here:

Around 15 students aged from 4 to 14 along with their parents in total 4 batches attended the event. It was a pleasure to work Jon again. Jon’s rocketry workshop and our outreach activities kept all the 4 batches of students and parents entertained. The students learnt how to identify space rocks from earth rocks and enjoyed sumo wrestling the mini zumo robots. Jeremy Nickless kindly flew his quad-copter (drone), which stole the show along with launching rockets.

Have a look at our selected photos of this outreach. If these photos inspire you to volunteer with us, then do keep an eye on future posts about Outreach. We have loads of outreach events planned for this year, giving you the opportunity to volunteer, inspire the young generation about space & engineering and make useful social contacts.

For more information about UKSEDS outreach at science and schools, send an email to our Outreach Officer ([email protected]) and register as a UKSEDS volunteer.

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