Space Law and Policy Course

The Institute of Space Policy and Law (ISPL) has announced that enrollment is now open for the 2014 Space Law and Policy Course. The prospectus can be found here.

The Course will comprise lectures and interactive case studies. Participants will have access to the IALS Law Library during the course. Those considering a postgraduate degree at ISPL will also be able to informally discuss their interest with the Director.

The Course will provide an introduction to:

  • The space environment and space technology
  • Orbits, their characteristics and management, and types of spacecraft
  • Spectrum management
  • The law governing space activities: principles & sources of space law, including conventions and treaties, national law and policies
  • Comparison between space law and other legal regimes: Antarctic, maritime and air law
  • Peaceful use of space, military activities & arms control
  • Sovereignty
  • Property rights
  • Risk, liability and insurance

The law as relates to specific applications: telecommunications and broadcasting, remote sensing, scientific experiment and exploration, manned activities including the International Space Station, unmanned activities
Space policy and the institutions that implement them

For further information visit the ISPL website.

Ms Jean Kay
Assistant to the Director, Professor Sa’id Mosteshar
London Institute of Space Policy and Law
Tel: +44 (0)207 402 2010
E-mail: [email protected]

Joseph Dudley
UKSEDS Secretary
Email: [email protected]

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