UKSEDS Outreach: Loncon3 Volunteer Opportunities

UKSEDS volunteers are needed to help our friends ‘I4IS’ at Loncon3 run their exhibition ‘The Interstellar Space’


Your space expertise is needed to help I4IS deliver their message ‘Knowledge to the Stars’ to the 7,000 plus people at Worldcon – and I4IS experts will be there to back you up. As part of our Outreach activities, we are sharing a table at the I4IS stand with the International Space University and their Director of Masters Programmes, Prof. Chris Welch.

I4IS need our best and brightest to to run the stand with them and they are reaching out for volunteers now! See the article in this newsletter and their blog at for more details.

Date: Wednesday 13th – Monday 18th August 2014.
Location: Excel Centre, London
Number of Volunteers: 4
Arrival & End time: 10am – 6pm
Application deadline: 23 July

  • All you need is a place to stay in London and you can be part of the biggest science fiction show in the world! This World Con is the largest ever. I4IS will cover reasonable (pre-booked, student discounted, coach or rail) travel expenses to London.
  • You will get free entry to Loncon3 for all exhibition areas with plenty of breaks to go exploring. You will also get free access to the I4IS conference session on Sunday 17 August, where you can meet their keynote speaker, the world renowned sci-fi writer Alastair Reynolds.
  • You will receive a free limited edition T shirt and an invitation to the I4IS social on Saturday night 16 August –  a couple of free drinks!

Any of you who are interested in film- making, please make sure to check out the I4IS short ‘interstellar’ film competition on The winning entry will be shown on their giant screen to over 7,000 visitors. Showcase your talents to the attending VIPS in the TV, filming and gaming worlds.

I4IS will be videoing both real-time and for posterity so let I4IS know if you enjoy this, tell them what gear you have and I4IS will schedule you in as one of the video team to capture the action on behalf of both UKSEDS and I4IS!

Contact our Outreach Officer [email protected] for more information on on this volunteering opportunity.


About I4IS

I4IS’ mission is to foster and promote education, knowledge and technical capabilities that lead to designs, technologies or enterprise that will one day enable the construction and launch of interstellar spacecraft. The vision of the Initiative for Interstellar Studies is to aspire towards an optimistic future for humans on Earth and in space and to be an organisation that, over the next century, is central to catalysing the conditions in society to enable robotic and human exploration of the frontier beyond our Solar System and to other stars, as part of a long-term enduring strategy and towards a sustainable space-based economy.

Follow them on  Facebook and on Twitter @I4Interstellar.

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