PoleCATS team selected for REXUS 2013

At the start of December PoleCATS was invited to send representatives to a selection workshop at the European Space Agency headquarters in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.  Four team members travelled by train and ferry, and presented the proposed project to a panel of experts from all of the organising bodies.  The presentation went very well and the PoleCATS team were glad to hear that they have been selected to fly on a sounding rocket in February/March 2013, launching from arctic Sweden!


The team have already started work on the next stage of the project: the Preliminary Design Review, which will be submitted in February.  Again, representatives will need to travel to present our work, this time to the launch site in northern Sweden.


If you are interested in find out more about the project you can check the UKSEDS Project page or the PoleCATS team website.

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