Let’s face it, space projects beat pretty much any other kind of project hands down, so having more can only make the world a better place.

On top of being awesome, projects give you the chance to be involved in the design, management, and construction of a real space mission. You get handy skills, CV experience, and a warm glow of success (assuming your rocket/rover doesn’t explode/attempt to take over the world). Please e-mail [email protected] for all projects-related queries.

Getting Involved in a Project

We run and are involved in a number of different projects at various scales. If you’re interested in getting involved in something in particular, email [email protected]. The best way to keep track of our latest project opportunities is to subscribe to Ecliptic, our monthly email newsletter.

Proposing A Project

If you have an idea for a project then get in contact with us, and we can help make your idea a reality.

Any UKSEDS member can suggest a project for consideration, just send in a proposal with the following key points (don’t worry if you’re unsure about anything, we’ll help you out).

  • What you want to do and why you want to do it
  • How you’re going to do, how long it’ll take, and any potential risks
  • Estimated costs & required equipment/facilities
  • How you’re going to share your project with others (other branches, schools, the public etc.)
  • Some contact details – an email address and phone number

Our committee will assess any proposals and if we think the idea’s feasible then we’ll help co-ordinate things and provide useful contacts during the initial stage until you can get a project team formed.

Once you’ve got a team together we can support the project in various ways (publicising it, getting funding and so on), but it’ll be up to you to deal with the daily running of the project, reporting back to the committee every few weeks.

At the end of your project you’ll need to to do a write-up outlining how it went and what your experience was.

Funding A Project

Funding is the biggest obstacle when it comes to putting things into space. Though we can give you some direct support we don’t have a huge amount of cash, so instead we work to get you funding from the space industry in the form of UKSEDS Branch Project Grants which aim to provide branches with the funds to start new projects and expand existing ones so that they can more easily obtain alternative funding in the future.  In the past we’ve helped projects get funding from organisations like ESA, Astrium (now Airbus Defence and Space), Nexus, Vega, the Royal Meteorological Society, and the UK Space Agency.