UK Space Agency ISU Scholarships competition open

The UK Space Agency has opened the 2012 round of its International Space University competitive scholarship scheme. The scheme is open to UK citizens to help fund them to attend ISU’s Space Studies Programms and MSc programmes. Up to £30,000 is being made available to be shared between successful candidates.

Chris Brunskill attended the 2011 Space Studies Programme in Austria.  He said “During the programme I had the chance to take lectures provided by leading experts in the many disciplines that make up the modern space industry.  I was able to get hands on experience with technical equipment and participate in the planning of a live mission.  I was also able to work with a fantastic, proactive and intelligent group of fellow participants from around the world.  I hope future beneficiaries of the UK Space Agency funding programme will gain as much as I have from this experience.”

The successful candidates will be chosen by a panel consisting of representatives from the UK Space Agency and Space Education Trust, with consultation from ISU. Students will be expected to show evidence of some external support including sourcing €1000 towards their study themselves.  The deadline for applying for funding for the Space Studies Programme is 31st January 2012; the deadline for the Masters programme is 15th March (deadlines for non-funded places are later). Application is through the ISU website.

Source: UK Space Agency

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