XRT: Exeter Radio Telescope Project


UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (UKSEDS) are proud to present their latest national student-led project, the eXeter Radio Telescope – Station. Based at the University of Exeter an active team of 30 students are looking to build a 5m Radio telescope for academic, outreach and educational purposes.

Project specification

  • 5m diameter mesh dish
  • L-band frequencies (1420MHz)
  • Control hub for on site operation
  • Remote access for data analysis
  • South West location
  • Full programme of public engagement and outreach events

“Weighing the Galaxy”

We plan to turn our sights to the galactic plane, with an aim to weigh the MilkyWay and gain information about its structure through the detection of Hydrogen’s 21cm line emission.

 “High energy astrophysics”

We also aim to observe radio active galaxies from the early universe and high energy pulsars, as well as monitoring the Suns activity as we pass through solar maximum.

Interested? How can YOU help?

Do you have technical and practical experience with radio astronomy?

Can you provide a radio quiet yet accessible site in the SW?

Do you have procurement and funding contacts?

Project Leaders 

Damian Rumble damian at
Freya Aldred fa238 at

Team leaders

Damian Rumble damian at Funding
Freya Aldred fa238 at Engineering
Hannah Wakeford hannah at Outreach/publicity
Ben Drummond bdrummond at Science
Ged Halliday gph201 at Procurement
Char Harrison ch400 at Logistics

XRT-C: Time to start building!

Over the past couple of months, there have been lots of exciting developments in the XRT-C project. We’ve been busy ordering components and planning foundation digging trips, and very nearly have all the pieces we need to put together a radio telescope. The first thing to arrive was the dish, ordered from RF Hamdesign in […]

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XRT-C: Amplifiers – Temperamental, but Necessary

by Sam Morrell – XRT-C Science, Outreach and Press & Publicity teams. XRT-C members were given a demonstration of a working radio telescope at the University of Exeter by lecturer and veteran radio astronomer, Dr. Chris Brunt. Throughout the demonstration, Chris stressed the importance of high quality electronics and a low noise environment for your telescope. […]

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XRT-C Project Kickstarter

Yesterday the Exeter Radio Telescope at Caradon (XRT-C) Project launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to reach their £2100 target to raise funds for the dish of a radio telescope for use by students in the UK. The XRT-C project is an official UKSEDS national project, led by a group of students from the University of Exeter in Devon, with an aim to […]

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UKSEDS Projects: XRT-C July Update

Exeter Student Radio Telescope to be built at Caradon Observatory A team of intrepid students are set to herald a new era of astronomy at the University of Exeter after securing a special partnership with the South West’s newest observatory. The group, called eXeter Radio Telescope at Caradon (XRT-C), have teamed up with Caradon Observatory […]

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UKSEDS XRT-Station project wins funding

The UKSEDS National XRT-Station Project has recently took another step towards completion after being awarded £2,500 worth of funding from the CATALYST Seed fund for academic public engagement. The eXeter Radio Telescope Station aims to build a radio telescope for use by UKSEDS members for weighing the Galaxy through observations of 21cm line emission from […]

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