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The UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship

2021 - 2022



Teams will design and build a rocket to reach the highest apogee possible using any 29mm Cessaroni 2-grain motor. A payload is also required, plus bonus points to teams that can include a GPS module onboard their rocket and submit good quality GPS data. It is looking to be an exciting rocketry championship this year!

Check out our About section to find out more about the UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship, and how to compete.

Key Dates

Competition Launch20th October 2021
Registration Deadline22nd November 2021
Design & Build Report Due28th March 2022
Teams Must Launch By11th July 2022
Launch Report Due25th July 2022

Rules and Resources »

Find the brief, rules, templates and other resources here.

About »

Find out more about the UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship, and how to get involved.

Past Winners

2020/21Team Unspecific Impulse, University of Birmingham Space Society &
Sunride Society Team, University of Sheffield
2019/20Team Cranfield Space Agency, Cranfield University
2018/19Team Enillwyr, University of South Wales
2017/18Team UWEBAR, UWEBAR
2016/17Team SPARK, SPARK
2015/16Team Cranfield Space Program, CranSEDS
2014/15Team UBSEDS, BristolSEDS
2013/14Team Just Testing, StrathSEDS

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Experienced Rocketeer?

If you have entered the UKSEDS National Rocketry Championships or have previous experience we are currently in the process of putting together a new challenge to test your skills so keep an eye out for that. Alternatively, If you would also like to help others into the world of rocketry why not join our team, if you are interested please email [email protected].