National Rocketry Championship Winners 2018-19

It gives us great pleasure to announce the winners of this year’s National Rocketry Championships. It was a close call with two teams only points away from each other but Team Enillwyr from the University of South Wales came out on top as our winners for 2018/19! Congratulations. 

Their rocket called The Element reached an altitude of 909m on a 2-grain Cessaroni G126 ‘White Thunder’ motor. Interesting features of their rocket were its 3D printed fin-can and integrated payload of a Pnut altimeter into their nose cone to enable a shorter and lighter body tube for their rocket reducing weight and adding stability. Well done! 

We also commend their iterative approach of having test launches and refining their design which had a massive improvement and their final recorded altitude. 

Special mentions

Second place goes to Team Oxford Brookes Rockets from Oxford Brookes University

Third place goes to Team High Flyers from Cardiff University 

If you would like to take on the challenge join the National Rocketry Championship today!

Take a look at the winner’s rocket below!


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