SGAC’s “Find An Asteroid” campaign — be part of the UKSEDS team!


SGAC is again partnering with the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC=”Isaac”) for a SGAC Search Campaign, called “Find An Asteroid”. Up to 15 teams formed by SGAC members (aged 18-35) will be selected to participate in this campaign.

The Search Campaign itself will last for five weeks from 14 August – 18 September, 2013. Typically your team will get 3-5 image sets per week. This is an average depending upon factors such as the Moon and weather. It takes about 20 minutes to analyse one set. This means you can expect an average workload of 1.5 – 2.5 hours per week. If viewing conditions are good, you might receive image sets daily in which case you would expect to spend 3.5 hours per week.The image analysis is done with Astrometrica, an easy to use software package provided by IASC.

UKSEDS are planning on forming a team through its membership. If you want to seek to discover an asteroid, we require just three to five UKSEDS members. The application deadline is 1st June, 2013. More information can be found here:

Please e-mail ‘[email protected]‘ if you are interested in joining our team or for further information.

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