PoleCATS team selected for REXUS 2013

At the start of December PoleCATS was invited to send representatives to a selection workshop at the European Space Agency headquarters in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.  Four team members travelled by train and ferry, and presented the proposed project to a panel of experts from all of the organising bodies.  The presentation went very well and […]

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UKSEDS Project Competition


At yesterday’s Workshop we announced our new Project Competition open to all UKSEDS branches. Simply come up with an excellent idea for a branch project, create a project outline and submit it to the UKSEDS Committee. We will then select the best idea(s) and present your branch with up to £500 to be put towards […]

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Bristol SEDS DUST Project Report

The University of Bristol’s very own UKSEDS branch, Bristol SEDS, launched it’s maiden project last week to collect Upper tropospheric dust particles, via High Altitude weather balloon as well testing the standard atmosphere model and taking some tourist snaps. Using an old goods box salvaged from a local Chinese take away, a spare digital camera, […]

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UKSEDS myPocketQub payload selected for UKube-1

The UKSEDS payload myPocketQub 442 has been selected to fly on UKube-1 early next year! You can read the press release from the UK Space Agency here. Find out more about myPocketQub 442 here. The payload will give up to 365 people the chance to develop virtual payloads and run them in space for a […]

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