UKSEDS Constitution Vote – UPDATE

Voting has now closed and we are pleased to be able to confirm that the UKSEDS constitution has now been changed. All those who took part in the vote were in favour of the new version. We will continue to display a copy of the constitution on the  Constitution Page for reference.   Thank you for voting. […]

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ESA offering sponsorship to students to attend the European CubeSat Symposium

As part of the ESA Conference Opportunities for Sponsored Students (ECOSS) Programme, the ESA Education Office is pleased to be able to offer sponsorship to European students interested in attending the European CubeSat Symposium (30 Jan – 1 Feb 2012, Brussels). Highly qualified full-time students from ESA Member or Cooperating States are encouraged to apply […]

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ESA launches 2012 Drop Your Thesis programme

The European Space Agency is proud to announce a new edition of the ‘Drop Your Thesis!’ programme. Through this programme, a team of Master/PhD students will be given the opportunity to carry out a microgravity experiment, as part of their syllabus, in the ZARM Drop Tower Facility, in Bremen, Germany. This facility is one of […]

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Less than a month until the Annual Workshop!

Are you excited about the workshop yet? No? Well it’s a good job we’ve got a few more details to whet your appetite! If you’re not aware, this year’s UKSEDS workshop will be held at Imperial College London on Saturday the 19th of November. This is an all day event which is FREE for all […]

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Lunar and Planetary Institute 2012 Summer Intern Program

Applications are now being accepted for the  2012 LPI Summer Intern Program in Planetary Science. The Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) invites undergraduates with at least 50 semester hours of credit to experience research in the planetary sciences. As a summer intern, you will work one-on-one with a scientist either at the LPI or NASA […]

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UCL Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Postgraduate Research Student Open Day

Interested in postgraduate study at University College London?  The UCL Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences will be holding an open day on Wednesday 2 November 2011, from 10am. Discover… whether postgraduate research at one of the world’s leading universities is right for you funding options open to you the skills, support and training available […]

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Bristol SEDS DUST Project Report

The University of Bristol’s very own UKSEDS branch, Bristol SEDS, launched it’s maiden project last week to collect Upper tropospheric dust particles, via High Altitude weather balloon as well testing the standard atmosphere model and taking some tourist snaps. Using an old goods box salvaged from a local Chinese take away, a spare digital camera, […]

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Volunteers Wanted

Would you like to help run UKSEDS? We urgently need some volunteers to help the committee so that we can get on with all the cool projects that people have been suggesting. There are two ways you could help: a) Become a co-opted committee member: We need some new committee members to replace those who […]

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Upcoming free CranSEDS branch activities


CranSEDS, the Cranfield University branch of UKSEDS, is inviting all UKSEDS members and non-members to the following activities on Cranfield University campus, building 114, (CSA lounge, Cranfield University, College Road, Cranfield, Bedfordshire MK43 0AL). If you are not from Cranfield, you can find the building 114 on this campus map: Week: 6 June – 12 […]

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This Friday, 29th April, Lecture: History of the British Interplanetary Society (and UK in Space)


The lecture is organised by CranSEDS: Cranfield University branch of UKSEDS. It takes place on 29th April (Friday) at 14:00, at Cranfield University campus (building 114). Everybody is welcome! Free admission! If you are not from Cranfield, you can find the building 114 on this campus map: Also, to find Cranfield University campus: (CSA lounge, […]

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SETI Challenge

SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, is an exciting area of research.  Currently millions of personal computers running [email protected] are wading through terabytes of data, looking for trademark signals which could be extraterrestrial in source.  So isn’t it rather disappointing that they haven’t found anything yet? It does seem that we are searching the […]

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