Executive Committee 2021/22

UKSEDS is headed by an Executive Committee elected for one-year terms at our Annual General Meeting during our annual conference. The current committee was elected at the 33rd conference in March 2021. You can send any of them an email by clicking on their names.


Antonio Duduianu

Antonio is a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student at the University of Bath, currently taking a year off to pursue other endeavours and learn new skills before returning to finish his Masters. He has previously worked as a design engineer at Turbo Technics for a industrial placement year, and has since enjoyed working on cars and robots. However, it is his passion for space that has brought him to UKSEDS and occupies most of his time alongside outreach and mentoring work with young people. In his free time, Antonio is aspiring to be a space entrepreneur, but can otherwise generally be found cooking in the kitchen or boxing in the gym.


Zaria Serfontein

Zaria is a PhD student at Cranfield University, focused on space debris mitigation in low Earth orbit, currently developing drag sail prototypes for ESA’s Fly Your Thesis! Programme. A mechanical engineer at her core, she thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Lunar Rover Competition in 2018 and decided to join the UKSEDS team to help provide the same opportunities to other students. She has spent the last year leading the Events and Competitions team and is enthusiastic about organising events that allow students to improve their practical hands-on skills. In her very limited spare time, Zaria loves being outdoors; mountain biking, kayaking and windsurfing, or cozying up with a good video game or movie.


Craig Orrock

Craig is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He joined UKSEDS in late 2019, and worked with the diversity and careers team before joining the executive committee. He's also a keen rocketry enthusiast, taking a lead role at Endeavour who are aiming to be the first scottish student team to fire a liquid rocket engine. When not building rockets or keeping track of UKSEDS' finances, he enjoys long walks and road trips in his native Scottish Highlands and reading science fiction books.


Hannah Rosenbaum

Hannah is an Aerospace Engineering Masters student at the University of Nottingham, currently on her industrial placement at Caterpillar before starting her next placement at ESA in July. She joined UKSEDS as a volunteer in the Diversity Team in November 2020. During her time on the Executive Committee, Hannah plans to continue to promote diversity within UKSEDS events and projects, and encourage students from other disciplines to consider a career in the space sector. In her free time, Hannah enjoys playing hockey, reading and listening to music.

At-Large Members

Emily Truman

Em is currently studying for a Postgraduate Masters degree in Planetary Science at UCL, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics with Planetary and Space Physics from Aberystwyth University. Em led the Outreach team from March 2019-2021 alongside their volunteer work at Aberystwyth University in a variety of groups. Keen to ensure we keep increasing our diversity and inclusivity at UKSEDS they hope to encourage more cross team projects during their time on the Executive Committee 2020/21. In their spare time Em likes cooking, baking, yoga, reading and sleeping.

Christina Macleod

Christina is a final year mechanical engineering student at the University of Edinburgh. Her interest in space and meeting others with similar interests led to Christina joinin UKSEDS as a Content Writer in January 2020. Christina is passionate about encouraging others to pursue space careers, getting everyone involved in the space journey and sharing inspirational stories in space, all of which she hopes to continue doing on her time on the Executive Committee 2020/21. Christina founded the Edinburgh Women in Space Conference, is part of the New Voices in Space group of the Scottish Space Leadership Council, and also blogs on her website, Miss Astronautica. In her spare time, Christina enjoys exploring the outdoors, practicing new languages, and creating videos.