Executive Committee 2020/21

UKSEDS is headed by an Executive Committee elected for one-year terms at our Annual General Meeting during our annual conference. The current committee was elected at the 32st conference in March 2020. You can send any of them an email by clicking on their names.


Jacob Smith

Jacob is currently studying at Cranfield University for a Postgraduate Master’s Degree in Astronautics and Space Engineering, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath. Jacob led the UKSEDS Careers Team from March 2019-20, before being elected as UKSEDS Chair for 2020-21. Outside of UKSEDS, Jacob has taken part in multiple space related activities to supplement his studies, ranging from interning with Airbus to being an analogue astronaut. He has a particular interest in human spaceflight, and hopes to contribute to the establishment of a permanent lunar surface habitat. When he’s not thinking about space, Jacob likes to run, meet up with friends, and play the piano – although Space Oddity is a favourite to play!


Sophia Lee Roberts

Sophia is a second year Physics and Philosophy undergraduate at King’s College London; hoping to pursue a career in the business development of space start-ups or project management of extraterrestrial missions. When she’s not working on UKSEDS projects, Sophia is the President of the King’s College London Space Society (UKSEDS Branch of the Year 2020), sits on the organising board of the Space Science & Engineering Foundation’s Galactic Challenge, and has interned with the International Space Elevator Consortium. In her spare time, she enjoys movie nights with her friends and dancing to loud music.


Arran Reedman

Arran is a second year Computer Science undergraduate student at Royal Holloway, University of London. He spends most of his spare time dedicated to charity work at UKSEDS and his local Scout troop, where he is working towards his Queen’s Scout Award, but still finds time to tinker away on side projects like a building a humanoid robot. He is the proud recipient of a Karate Brown Belt and was named the ‘UKSEDS Student of the Year’ for 2018. On a typical day, he can be found sitting in a darkened room, staring at his computer, trying to figure out why his code doesn’t work.


Alex Crossman

Alex is a third year Physics undergraduate student at the University of Birmingham. Alex is former President of the oldest society at the university: The Poynting Physical Society. He lead them to host NSSC 2020 as part of a year of inclusion, outreach and vast social participation. In his spare time he enjoys sport and is a keen rugby and squash player.

At-Large Members

Paige Ramsden

Paige is in her third year of a Physics and Astronomy MSci at the University of Birmingham. She joined exec after being a local volunteer for NSSC 2020. As a strong advocate for inclusivity, Paige is an active student ambassador and is also chair of WISE - Birmingham, in which she works to expand the outreach that they carry out as well as getting involved. Her passion for physics also extends to being an active committee member for Poynting Physical Society - a well established and popular physics society that organises socials, careers fairs and more. In her spare time, Paige enjoys cooking, reading and catching up over a good brew.

Antonio Duduianu

Antonio is a third year Aerospace Engineering undergraduate student at the University of Bath, returning to studying after an internship year of working on turbochargers. Although he always loves to vary his work and learn new skills, he is hoping to pursue a career in the use of biomimetics in planetary exploration and in aviation. However, it is his passion for space that has brought him to UKSEDS and occupies most of his time alongside outreach and mentoring work with young people. In his free time, if he’s not looking for his next challenge, Antonio can generally be usually be found cooking in the kitchen or boxing in the gym.