UKSEDS XRT-Station project wins funding

The UKSEDS National XRT-Station Project has recently took another step towards completion after being awarded £2,500 worth of funding from the CATALYST Seed fund for academic public engagement.

The eXeter Radio Telescope Station aims to build a radio telescope for use by UKSEDS members for weighing the Galaxy through observations of 21cm line emission from Hydrogen gas (HI). The project is on schedule for construction during summer 2014 with potential future collaborations with East Anglian Amateur Radio Observatory (EAARO), Norman Lockyer Observatory (NLO) and University of Exeter, as well as an extensive public engagement programme. Feel free to talk to the team at the UKSEDS conference this coming weekend.


Pictured: Freya Aldred, Hannah Wakeford, Ben Drummond, Charlotte Harrison and Damian Rumble.


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