Jobs with ESO

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is looking for people to support their Education and Public Outreach Department. All the positions can be fulfilled remotely, and are an exciting opportunity to promote world leading space science research. Full details can be found here, and to apply you should send a CV and a short email to: [email protected]

Web Development – Development of web infrastructure. Responsible for programming vital components of the products that are being developed, typically in Django/Python. The tasks include the technical implementation and improvement of online archives.

Web Content Support – Assisting the web content coordinator in sharing the excitement of astronomy related with some of the world largest telescopes in planning and in operation on Earth. Getting content distributed for the Department: updating, maintenance and development of various outreach web sites.

Graphic Design – Delivering world-class designs in print, online and more as part of the standard production of ESO’s Education and Public Outreach department.

Community Coordination – Delivering a tailored overall promotion strategy, implement the activities resulting from it and evaluate their impact. Coordinating the entire presence of ESO on social media channels, making sure that ESO is always keeping up with the latest innovations in outreach and communication.

Public Information Officer support – Promoting ESA’s part of the Hubble Space Telescope with the key purpose to promote HST science for ESA done by European scientists at European institutions by staying abreast of the latest research being done with HST. The work is coordinated closely with ESA/ESTEC and STScI/NASA/OPO.

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