UK Space Propulsion Innovation award

The UK Space Propulsion Innovation Award has been announced which aims to address capability gaps in the industry by posing a set of key challenges to academia and the supply chain, then forming new connections between groups to fill the technology needs. This competition offers a unique opportunity for researchers or potential suppliers to pitch ideas to the industry.

The summary of the propulsion challenges and the competition brief are now available on _connect:

Groups who have a relevant technology or programme underway can submit their idea to this competition to win one of the three prizes:

  • £10k 1st Prize: Exploratory Ideas Grant, UK Space Agency
  • £7.5k 2nd Prize: Airbus DS Innovation prize, Airbus Defence and Space
  • £5k 3rd Prize: SSTL Innovation prize, SSTL

How to Enter:

  • Pitch presentations must be submitted to [email protected]
    by noon of the 20th February 2015 as PDF or PPT files
  • Entrants will be invited to pitch at the judging event before 6th March 2015
  • To win, entrants must present an 8 min pitch at the judgingevent held on 18th Mar 2015 in London (location TBC)
  • Prize money is for continuation of research
  • IP developed remains the property of the prize recipient
  • Pitch presentations should be considered public domain

Space Propulsion Innovation Award Challenges

Solenoid valve for <£1000; Low cost liquid propellant delivery; HTP-compatible valves; pyro valve replacement;
nozzle optimisation; pipe joining technology; future landing technologies; CubeSat micro-propulsion; 3D printed pressure vessels; toroidal tank and more!

Alex Efimov [email protected]
Oli Lane [email protected]

Space Propulsion Innovation Award flyer (.PDF)

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