Nominate a Student for a Sir Arthur Clarke Award

Credit: British  Interplanetary Society

SACA winners of 2013. Credit: British Interplanetary Society

Do you know a student who has made for significant or outstanding achievements in space activities? Nominate them for a Sir Arthur Clarke Award!

In recognition of notable or outstanding achievements in, or contributions to, all space activities, the Sir Arthur Clarke Awards have been presented annually since 2005.

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation is pleased to announce that the Awards will, this year, be presented at a Ceremony during The Royal Aeronautical Society’s President’s Conference Reception on Wednesday 8th October 2014.

A list of previous winners can be found here.

Selected as the organiser of the awards by the Foundation, the British Interplanetary Society hereby invites nominations for the 2014 Awards to be made via a form on the website of the British Interplanetary Society.

Nominations will close on Saturday 31 July 2014.

UKSEDS is keen to encourage its members to nominate their friends for the student award. This award is made for significant or outstanding achievements by an undergraduate or postgraduate student of no more than 28 years of age on 16 July 2013 for any space-related activity, from basic research to awards and outreach.

For further information, please read here.

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