Welcome to our new officers!

Let us give all please give huge welcome to our new officers!

Anisa and James were voted in at our emergency election process at our November space workshop.

Anisa is currently on a gap year, worked at Mayfair search, a search executive firm as a researcher. She has participated in a sponsored skydive and a marathon for NSPCC and Reas International respectively. She is also a senior cadet in the Air Training Corp and takes part in many RAF events and ATC competitions. She is a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Follow Anisa on Twitter @anisaQureshii

James (a.k.a. “Jim”) is currently working on the Astrium Ltd Graduate Scheme as a Spacecraft Systems Engineer. James tells us his interest in space developed at a young age and directly affected his direction of study. Among his main areas of interest are the development of propulsion systems and the design and construction of satellites and space vehicles. Jim’s full profile can be found here.

Committee looks forward to working with them both. Already they are making outstanding contributions to their respective roles.


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