Welcome to our new branches!

UKSEDS Committee would like to say a huge welcome to our new branches. We welcome you to this opportunity to be part of our vast network of now nearly 30 branches up and down the country, over 1000 members and an extensive space community within this.

We welcome aboard…

Bath PhySocExeter PhySocEdinburgh AstroSoc, Universities of Liverpool AstroSocNottingham Trent University Astronomy and Physics Society (APSoc), QMUL Psistar Society, St Andrews Astronomy Society, UCL Mechanical Engineering Society (MechEngSoc) and Warwick PhySoc!!!

We are also pleased that ICSEDS (Imperial College) reformed this academic year, now supported by our own Zoe Versey (UKSEDS Events Officer) and Joseph Dudley (UKSEDS PR officer).

Currently we are supporting the formation of:

HertSEDS (Hertfordshire), Leeds SEDSShefSEDS (Sheffield) and UWESEDS (University of the West of England). We hope come January refreshers that we can facilitate the growth of these branches.

Some of our contacts in Hertfordshire had hoped that the SU’s Astronomy Society would become HertSEDS, but for several reasons the group has disbanded. Creating a branch there is still possible but this remains in the works. If you live in the area, perhaps you want to help with getting it going?

Recently ShefSEDS has had their application to their Student Union approved, we are delighted to hear. Their new Facebook group page can be found here, which has already reached over 230 members(!). We look forward to hearing further updates from them. It was great meeting you guys at the workshop.

Leeds SEDS report they currently have 38 signatures from students ready to take to the Union selection process. They are mainly Aerospace Engineers with a couple of Mechanical and one Medical Engineer (and one lecturer!), so their lead is going to go to the Physics Department to try gauge a wider interest. They have just set up a Twitter account and have also created a Facebook page, but they won’t go fully active until they are sure they are an ‘official society’ in January.

We are pleased that one of the second year students at UWE, Scott Emmerson, has agreed to coordinate the UKSEDS activities for UWE students. This should result in UWE having its own branch, hopefully in close liaison with Bristol Uni who are only a couple of miles away. Scott is a rocketeer and this is ideal also for UWE’s research activities into hypersonics.

Next year we will be holding our UKSEDS National Student Space Conference 2013: 25th Anniversary at the University of Bristol on 23rd and 24th February 2013 (see leading article). I do hope you will all be able to come along and attend.

Want to start a new branch? Get in touch at [email protected] and see our branch guide for further information.

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