The Big Space Balloon

Big Space Balloon is a project to launch a high altitude research balloon carrying scientific payloads to the edge of space. Launched from the Isle of Wight, the balloon will fly to an altitude of up to 130,000ft where it will remain for several days, carrying out scientific measurements in the near-space environment.  Regional universities […]

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ESA Summer of Code in Space

ESA is running a Summer of Code in Space (SOCIS) along similar lines to the annual Google Summer of Code. The Open Mission Control project (which is supporting our myPocketQub 442 UKube-1 payload) been accepted as a mentoring organisation by ESA. If you would like to apply to be a student on this or any […]

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Final Space Shuttle landing in history

The space shuttle Atlantis of the final space shuttle mission STS-135 is going to land at KSC (Kennedy Space Center, Florida) on Thursday, 21 July, 2011. The landing time is planned to be 05:58am EDT (09:58 GMT, 10:58 UK time). What the STS-135 did/will do during its 4-crew, 12-day mission: 1. deliver the Raffaello multi-purpose […]

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Say goodbye to the shuttle

What can you say about the last shuttle launch that hasn’t already been said? I remember watching the first launch on TV as a kid and thinking this was it, the start of the something really big. All these years later and we have taken great leaps forward in our robotic exploration of the solar […]

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