Peter Diamandis Bold Space Entrepreneur Scholarship

Our sister organisation, SEDS-USA, have announced a second scholarship for students sponsored by founder of SEDS, Peter Diamandis. The Peter Diamandis Bold Space Entrepreneur Scholarship will be awarded annually to one student for their entrepreneurial efforts in the space industry.

Applicants should submit an essay detailing either an entrepreneurial effort of theirs already in progress or one they wish to pursue. The applicant should also explain how the receipt of this award would benefit their existing or potential venture. There is no minimum or maximum for the essay, but around 500 words is recommended. Entries will be judged on boldness and feasibility.

The first prize award includes:

  • Total reward of $1500: $1000 to support an existing or potential space venture, and $500 towards travel costs to attend SpaceVision 2014 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Presentation of the award at the SpaceVision banquet
  • Seat at the Founders’ Table at the SpaceVision 2014 banquet

Applicants should submit their essays as well as their full name, address, university, and academic year to [email protected] by October 1, 2014.

Note that any student, regardless of citizenship or country of residence, is eligible for this award. Please send any questions to Hannah Kerner, Chair of SEDS-USA, at [email protected].

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