UKSEDS to join I4IS for Outreach at LonCon3

UKSEDS are pleased to inform you that we will be collaborating with I4IS at the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention in London this August. Founded in late 2012, I4IS aims to catalyse the conditions in society over the next century to enable robotic and human exploration beyond our Solar System and to other stars, as part of a long-term movement towards a sustainable space-based economy. This catalysing mission has been inspired by hard engineering, economics and the visionaries of science fiction.

There will be an I4IS stand in the Exhibition space and a half day of presentations by leaders and inspirers from both hard science and technology and from dreamers in science fiction. I4IS will show a substantial number of short films in a striking visual context on the stand. UKSEDS members will have a great opportunity to volunteers at the convention. There will also be a competition for interstellar-themed short films to be shown on the stand. This film competition is aimed to be launched in April. Entries from UKSEDS members will be very welcomed for this competition.

If this endeavour further inspires your own drive towards space then you should –

  • Contact your Outreach Officer ([email protected]) and discuss how you can contribute towards the convention. Watch this space for further details.
  • Make sure to register for the Worldcon at Until 28 February its only £65 for the whole five days for young adults (aged 25 or less on 14 August 2014).

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