The global space sector is growing rapidly providing a wealth of opportunities for economic and technical advances. At UKSEDS we want to encourage the future workforce that will support this growth by actively developing their skills. The UK has identified its desire to be part in the global space sector launch community with potential plans for a spaceport and a number of companies doing exciting work developing launchers, however for most getting the relevant experience is not easy to come by therefore we have created the National Rocketry Championships with the aim of providing university students who have had no or limited experience in the field of rocketry to get a hands-on experience designing, building and launching a rocket.

This year teams are challenged with designing, building and launching a mid-power rocket with the primary goal of reaching the greatest apogee possible. Motor selection will be limited to ensure fair competition between teams. We have also added some extra components this year so be sure to read the full brief. Teams will also be required to submit brief technical reports detailing their design, build and launch.

Full details about the competition and criteria can be found in the competition brief.

We are now accepting teams into the competition. If you would like to take part, please fill in our registration form.

This year we want to encourage more communication between the rocketry admins at UKSEDS and participating teams. Therefore the team will be able to opt-in to be added to a joint WhatsApp group for the purpose of being able to ask questions regarding the running of the championship or technical aspects of the championship. In addition, we will also be hosting an online session shortly after the registration deadline so you can meet the UKSEDS Rocketry team and also provide you with an ‘Introduction to Rocketry’ and answering some of your initial questions.

Please direct all other enquiries to [email protected].