UKSEDS Radio Workshop 2015

radioworkshop3iLocation: Stafford Cripps Building, Cranfield University, College Rd, Cranfield, Bedford MK43 0AL
Date: 10am – 4.30pm, 14th November

Workshop Contents: With help from CranSEDS, EARS and the Radio Society of Great Britain, the workshop will begin with a basic introduction of the theory of radio, radio operation and its application followed by a number of demonstrations and interactive activities.

You will be able to try your hand at over-the air ‘contacts’ with radio amateurs in the area, as well as investigating the different ways in which radio can be used to transfer data (the example will be a high altitude balloon computer). There will also be a “fox hunt” (or DF hunt) in which you use directional antennas to hunt down radio sources hidden around the area.

Finally, we’ll have some Software Defined Radios on hand to demonstrate the practical applications of radio technology for communicating with satellites!

For more information on radio operation, rules and regulations, and how to complete the rest of your amateur license (or any other radio license) visit or email: [email protected]

Update: There will be no food or drink provided at the workshop, we urge you to bring your own lunch and snacks however we have been informed that there is an on campus cafe open for hot and cold food 09:00 – 14:00. But in the interest of not being hungry remember to bring food!

Info on how to find the Cranfield Campus.

Tickets: £7 [add_to_cart=8746]


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