UKSEDS Kerbal Space Competition

Strap on your boosters and tape up those fuel injection lines because Kerbal Space Program is finally coming to UKSEDS! This article explains the details behind the very first UKSEDS Kerbal Space Program competition.


Mission summary: For the first instalment of our Kerbal Competitions, contenders will need to get to the Mun and take Kerbal selfies next to 8 possible Easter egg landmarks and return safely back to Kerbin.

Please note: You must be a registered UKSEDS member to participate.

Contenders will have to document their missions by taking appropriate screenshots as they progress. The top three submissions will be announced in next months Ecliptic each winning awesome prizes.

If you don’t own Kerbal Space Program, you can try the free trial which should include everything necessary to participate or you can purchase the full game on Windows, Linux and Mac for £19.99.

Due to the potential of a high volume of images, entrants are asked to provide no more than 24 photos each with an appropriate caption and numbered in order. The photos will be accompanied by a short summary to explain how the mission went and to give certain technical details. Measures have been included to discourage cheating  and so we will require you to submit a copy of your save game file for us to check. The full details of the mission, and flag download are included at the end of this post. Before you attempt the mission, make sure you are familiar with the rules.

It is advised that you start a fresh sandbox mode using the provided flag.

Dates for the competition

Competition start date: 12th June

Submission end date: 9th July

Winner announcement: 16th July (July Ecliptic release)

There is no need to formally sign up to the competition. However, make sure you submit your 24 photos, a copy of your save game and a mission summary to [email protected] before the competition deadline. If you are one of the top three you will be contacted between the 10th and 16th July.

For any competition queries email [email protected]

Mun Challenge Doc


As always, follow the UKSEDS Facebook page and twitter for regular competition updates.

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