RAeS Space Tourism Conference, 19th June 2012

UKSEDS members attended the RAeS 3rd European Space Tourism Conference on 19th June 2012. The day was jam-packed full of space tourism company representatives from XCOR Aerospace, Space Adventures, Excalibur Almaz Limited and Virgin Galactic, outlining the future potential of this lucrative upcoming industry. Speakers from Spaceports Curacao, Sweden and America described the ground segment behind space tourism flights, as well as talks on Space Insurance and “Astronaut” G-Force training at NASTAR Center.

The day culminated with talks from future Space Tourists with XCOR Aerospace and Virgin Galactic, outlining their ambitions and motives for paying to reach the 100km barrier and obtain the coveted title: “commercial astronaut”. The highlight of the conference was Anousheh Ansari, the multi-million Iranian business woman who funded the Ansari X-Prize (won by Virgin Galactic SpaceShipOne). Ahousheh was the 4th Space Tourist who flew to the ISS with Space Adventures Ltd. During a well- timed break, lucky UKSEDS members shared a coffee and photo opportunity with

“Coffee with an astronaut”, and a great day out!

Pictures from the day can be seen here, and further information about the event can be found here.

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