UKSEDS has dozens of branches all over the country. They’re ordinary university societies run by students who love space. Check below to see if your university has a branch – if not, set one up!

Why join?

Starting a branch of UKSEDS is easy, and benefits include:

  • Support, resources, and advice on running space projects, securing sponsorship, and hosting events
  • Networking opportunities with industry, sponsors, and space organisations.
  • Opportunities to get involved in national projects, outreach activities, and space events.
  • Access to a national network of students and space enthusiasts, as well as speakers from academia, and all parts of the space industry.
  • Regular updates on the UK space community and space events through our newsletter Ecliptic.
  • Help with producing and printing promotional materials for print and the web.
  • You can apply for our grants (projects we’ve funded include high altitude balloons and hybrid rocket engines)

Already running a branch and in need of some guidance or ideas? Want to set one up, or get an existing society affiliated? Take a look at our Branch Guide for more information or contact our Membership Officer at and you’ll be sorted in no time.


UKSEDS is keen to help and support all our branches in any way that we can. Take a look at our Freshers packs and how to apply for Branch Project Grants.



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Run a branch that isn’t listed on here? Either you forgot to send in your affiliation form, or we forgot to update this page. Either way, email and we’ll get it sorted out.