Formed in 1988 and now with over 1000 members and 27 affiliated societies located up and down the country, the UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (UKSEDS) is a charity run by student volunteers, for students. We support students and enthusiasts across the country by running space projects, hosting conferences and workshops, and doing outreach to inspire and educate the next generation of space enthusiasts. We run and support multiple events throughout each year, including events, workshops, competitions and conferences. Our most popular being the National Student Space Conference (NSSC), which is held annually every March. 


Founded in 1983, Space & Satellite Professionals International ( is on a mission to make the space and satellite industry one of the world’s best at attracting and engaging the talent that powers innovation. With more than 3,700 members in 40 nations, it is the largest space and satellite industry association in the world. It delivers on its mission through programs that promote space and satellite as the invisible but indispensable infrastructure of the modern world, and that help turn individual promise into careers filled with purpose through research, career education for young people, management education for working professionals and talent recognition that spans the industry. SSPI maintains local chapters in the US, UK, Luxembourg, Brazil, Nigeria and Japan, and an international women’s group, Women in Space Engagement or SSPI-WISE.


Airbus pioneers sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. The Company constantly innovates to provide efficient and technologically-advanced solutions in aerospace, defence, and connected services. Airbus is the global leader for modern and fuel-efficient airliners and associated services. Airbus is a European leader in defence and security and one of the world's leading space businesses.  In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions and services worldwide. Airbus Defence and Space is the UK’s largest space company with turnover in excess of £1 billion and is the third largest aerospace and defence employer in the UK with more than 3,500 highly skilled employees. Airbus Defence and Space makes up over 70 per cent of the UK’s space industry, providing a vital national industrial capability; and leverages its capability as a system prime to develop SME supply chains, maintain links with UK and global academic institutions, and bring forward the next generation of talent for a future STEM-based workforce both in the space sector and beyond.


NanoAvionics is a smallsat bus manufacturer and mission integrator currently based in four locations across the USA, UK and Lithuania. The company’s efforts are focused on enabling critical satellite functions and optimising their hardware, launch and satellite operation costs by providing end-to-end small satellite solutions – ranging from single missions to constellations. Its core engineering team has implemented over 90 successful satellite missions and commercial projects during the past several years. With a modularity such as the fundamental principle of NanoAvionics systems’ architecture, NanoAvionics provides economic viability to a wide range of small satellite constellation-based missions, businesses and organizations worldwide.

SDC Rules Committee

David SulleyUKSEDSExec Point of Contact
Holly WhitehouseUKSEDSCompetitions Lead
Lee EllisUKSEDSSDC Team Lead
Robert BellSSPIExecutive Director
Tamara Bond-WilliamsSSPISSPI Membership Director
David GaudinAirbusUniCom Representative
Ciaran JenkinsAirbusUniCom Representative

SDC Volunteers

Lee EllisUKSEDSSDC Team Lead
Saskia CampbellUKSEDSVolunteer
Tanjin HudaUKSEDSVolunteer
Mo DeeraUKSEDSVolunteer
Mona ElghzalUKSEDSVolunteer