Our Events

We run a variety of events over the year, bringing together students and industry professionals throughout the country to discuss, learn, and network. Subscribe to Ecliptic, our email newsletter, at the bottom of the page to stay up-to-date with our events.

We also maintain a list of all upcoming events in the space community in this Google Calendar. If there are any events we don’t know about then please let us know at events@ukseds.org.

If you are a branch representative and are interested in hosting one of our events, please take a look at our events bidding page.

UKSEDS National Student Space Conference


The NSSC, usually held in the spring, brings together students, academics, and professionals from across the country to share knowledge of space, discuss the challenges facing the sector, and to create new links between groups. It features talks by leading space science and industry figures, and opportunities to take part in discussions and networking events.

The conference is organised by UKSEDS, and hosted by a different UKSEDS branch each year.

UKSEDS Workshops

robotics_slide.fwOur workshops emphasise hands-on activities and training sessions that will set you up with the skills to run your own space projects. Learn how to launch a rocket, put together a cubesat, make a high altitude balloon, design a robot, and much more!

All links to workshops currently open for booking can be found above.


Summer Astronomy Camp

summercamp2013.fwOur summer astronomy camp lets you see the beauty of the night sky free from urban light pollution. You bring your own tent, telescope, and food, and we provide activities, barbecues, and astronomy advice.

UKSEDS ran its first summer astronomy camping trip in summer 2013, where members watched the Perseids beside the equally stunning ruins of Stonehenge.