UKSEDS Spring Update

An overview of the last and next six months for the people important to us



New Initiatives

How you can help

Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors

We’re very grateful to Aerospace Cornwall, Lockheed Martin, Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing, Printech Circuit Laboratories, and Raytheon for their support as Corporate Sponsors for the year ahead.

The UKSEDS Committee

We’re delighted to introduce you to our new Executive Committee team, who were elected at our AGM following NSSC in March.

We’re excited to welcome Andrew Bacon (Co-Founder at Space Forge) and Nick Shave (VP Strategy & Programmes at Inmarsat) as new Trustees. We’d like to say a huge thank you to our two outgoing Trustees, Graeme Taylor and Matthew Goodman, who have given years of outstanding support.

We are always keen for new ideas for projects and events, as well as support in delivering the work we do. Please get in touch at [email protected] if you are interested in working with us.

UKSEDS Membership


Due to the restrictions that have been in place this last few months we made the decision to remove the mandatory build and test phases of each of our competitions. We will be challenging students to expand their designs to real life missions and have introduced a prototype prize for teams with the resources to build something!

UKSEDS Orbex National Rocketry Championships

32 teams initially, 14 have recently submitted their Build and Launch Reports

Sponsor: Orbex

Satellite Design Competition

11 teams initially, 6 have recently submitted their Critical Design Reviews

Sponsors: SSPI UK, Airbus

Olympus Rover Trials

16 teams initially, 10 have recently submitted their Critical Design Reviews

Sponsor: Airbus

Supporter: RAL Space

Projects and Opportunities

In the final or penultimate year of their degree, students have to complete a lengthy individual project, and space-related topics are rarely available. We have created a framework for students to do their project remotely with a space organisation, and will advertise projects proposed by space organisations to students nationwide on a rolling basis. As a company, this is your chance to explore new ideas, form links with universities, and improve recruitment, as well as contribute to developing the future workforce. Find out more here and we look forward to receiving your project ideas!

Aspiring Astronaut Bursary

We are delighted to announce this new grant, which aims to encourage a diverse range of applicants, from low socio-economic backgrounds, to the ESA Astronaut Selection Programme. We will be offering a number of grants to cover the cost of the medical examination that is required as part of the application. This will provide successful applicants with the opportunity to apply for the ESA programme when, otherwise, they would have financially struggled.

Orbex Gender Diversity Grant

We are pleased to announce this additional funding opportunity for teams in our rocket, rover, and satellite competitions with 50% or more women or non-binary members. The aim of the grant is to encourage wider participation in the core technology aspects related to design and development of space missions, taking steps towards addressing the gender imbalance that exists within the sector. We are very excited by this grant and look forward to seeing the impact it will have on our community.

Events and Partnerships

The Space Careers Show, 7th November 2020

In celebration of our website turning five years old we hosted “The Space Careers Show”, an educational event aimed at 11-18 year old students interested in getting involved with the sector. The show consisted of inspirational talks and panels, full of advice. It showcased the broad range of opportunities available and had further engaging elements including a live competition quiz and model rocket demonstration. A second event, specifically for members, was later held in December 2020, due to the successes of its predecessor.

Diversity in Space Careers (DISC), 31st January 2021

Our second Diversity in Space Careers (DISC) Conference featured a variety of talks and panels exploring the importance of diversity and how individuals and organisations can better support those around them. We brought together a diverse group of space professionals to discuss their work, experiences, and what more needs to be done to make the space sector inclusive to all. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the event, as we aim to make more inclusive spaces within the space community.

National Student Space Conference, 6th-7th March 2021

NSSC 2021 highlights...

At NSSC in March we were delighted to partner for the first time with the following organisations: