UKSEDS Privacy Policy

This policy was last updated on 19 April 2016 by agreement of the UKSEDS Executive Committee.
Older versions are available on request.


Our privacy policy in 5 points:

  1. We record anonymous information about you when you visit our websites (just like basically every website). We do this through Google Analytics.
  2. When you give us your personal information (name, email etc.) we use it for the purpose you gave it to us (email newsletter, purchase receipts etc.). We do this through MailChimp and PayPal.
  3. We share totally anonymous aggregate information with space companies, and with our sister organisations in other countries. Aggregate data means grouped data like ‘X people viewed our website’.
  4. Third party content like YouTube videos and Facebook ‘Like’ buttons probably track you, but we can’t do anything about that.
  5. The only people with access to the information we store about you are the UKSEDS Executive Committee, Trustees, and Staff, and even then we restrict it to need-to-know.

This Document

This document covers all the interactions with our website that we can think of. It does not cover interacting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, or whatever social media website is in vogue at the moment.

This document may be updated from time to time. If you would like to see our privacy policy include something else, or require any clarification on our policy, please get in contact with us.


In this document ‘UKSEDS’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ refers to the registered charity UKSEDS (UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) – represented by its Executive Committee, Staff, and Board of Charitable Trustees. The Executive Committee is elected by the membership of UKSEDS at our annual general meeting at the National Student Space Conference. A list of current Executive Committee members can be found on our website, and the names of our Staff and Charitable Trustees are available on request. The names of our Charitable Trustees are also available from  the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Browsing the UKSEDS Website

This website uses Google Analytics to help analyse how visitors use this site. Google Analytics uses “cookies”, which are small text files placed on your computer, to collect standard internet log information and visitor behaviour information in an anonymous form. Typical examples of the information that’s recorded are:

  • Which links you clicked
  • Whether you’ve ever visited our website before
  • How long you spent on a page

We don’t match this information to any personal details you submit (see below), mostly because we don’t care. We don’t share personal information with Google (but let’s face it, Google is omniscient, so they probably knows who you are already).

The anonymous information generated by Google Analytics cookies about your use of this website is transmitted to Google. This information is processed to compile statistical reports on website activity for this site only. We use these reports to evaluate aggregate visitor usage so that we can optimise the content and put the things you find most useful front and centre.

You can install software to prevent Google Analytics from tracking you.

Subscribing to our Newsletters

When you register for one of our email newsletters, we ask you to provide your name, email address, and a few other details. These are stored by MailChimp, our email marketing provider.

When we send out a newsletter, the email you receive contains unique images and link URLs which allow MailChimp to detect whether you have opened the email and which of the links in it you have clicked on. This information is relayed to us and helps us determine what content to include and how much to charge advertisers.

Buying Things

When you buy something on our website we ask for your name, email, address, and a few other details. These details are stored in a database operated by our web host TSOHost, and additionally in PayPal’s systems. This information is accessible by the Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and the Webmaster.

We may share information such as your name and university affiliation with our event partners (for example the university hosting a workshop) where necessary, but we will not share your contact details or address.

Your financial information is processed directly by PayPal, and we cannot see your card or bank details.

If you buy something cialis from us, we may add your email address to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe from this at any point.

Information Sharing

We do not sell your information to anyone. We do not share your personal information with anyone. We will only ever send content that we think is relevant to you, and will never send spam.

Event Partners

We may share information such as your name and university affiliation with our event partners (for example the university hosting a workshop) where necessary, but we will not share your contact details or address.

Space Companies

We share aggregate information with companies in the space industry who sponsor us or advertise with us, or might do so in the future. We do this so that we can get money to fulfil our charitable objectives. Typical examples of the information we share with them are that we:

  • Get X visitors to our website per day
  • Have X email subscribers studying Physics
  • Have X% conference delegates from Russell Group universities

Partner Organisations

We have information sharing agreements with SEDS-USA, and EUROAVIA. These are organisations very much like UKSEDS in the United States and Europe. We swap aggregate information with them to learn from their experiences of running similar events. Typical examples of the information we share with them are that:

  • X% of newsletter subscribers open our emails
  • We sell X% of tickets in the week before an event

The Government

If we are legally compelled to hand over information to the government, we will do so. What GCHQ could learn from your visit to our website we have no idea, but we thought it was worth including.

3rd Party Tracking

Some of the content on our website is embedded from somewhere else. For example a video from YouTube, or Facebook’s like button. Embedded content may track your interaction with my content. We cannot disable this tracking, but you can do so by altering your browser settings or installing software which block 3rd party tracking.