Schools Guide

There is a distinct lack of space in schools (and not just in crowded corridors), and there are certainly not enough rocket launches (though you get bonus points if you can build a paper aeroplane that launches SpaceShipTwo).

We’ve compiled this list of space related things to increase the amount of space in your school life. We hope it’s useful – if you think there’s something missing or you want our help with something else, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Careers Fair

Year 10 Space Careers Conference (June & July)
A mixture of talks and workshops, all students attend each one throughout the day with the chance to visit the National Space Centres galleries and Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium.

Year 12 Space Careers Conference (November & January)
A mixture of talks and workshops, all students attend each one throughout the day with the chance to visit the National Space Centres galleries and Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium.

Chemistry at Work (February)
A series of short workshops delivered by industrial partners, all highlighting the use of chemistry (and science) in their roles and industries.

Graduate Space Careers Fair (February)
For all UK graduates (BSc, MSc, PhD) and young professionals interested in developing a career in the space sector


CREST Awards
Complete a STEM research, design, or communication project for a gold, silver, or bronze award.

FameLab Science Communication Competition
Competition to find and nurture scientists and engineers with a flair for communicating with public audiences

Google Science Fair
Conduct a research project of your choice with the chance to win fantastic prizes

Leaders Award
Engage in STEM activities and meet and interview professional engineers.

Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut
An international educational challenge focusing on fitness and nutrition to encourage students to train like an astronaut.

National Science + Engineering Competition – Apply by 31 October
National competition for science, technology, engineering and maths projects

Peterhouse Cambridge Essay Competition
Write a science essay on one of a variety of topics

Schools Science Prize
Annual science competition run by Corpus Christi College.

STEM Awards
Challenges in a number of fields supported by major companies

UK Space Design Competition (All year)
Science and engineering competition to design settlements in space

Young Engineers (All year)
Engineering competitions and projects for primary and secondary schools studnets.

Zero Robotics (Sep – Dec)
The Zero Robotics tournament turns the ISS into a gaming arena for football-sized satellites in a virtual field filled with obstacles.


Arkwright Engineering Scholarship
Financial and academic support for aspiring engineers.

University of Manchester Aspiring Students Society (UMASS)
Academic skills workshops and discovery days in Manchester.

A 10 week STEM experience working with companies and universities.

RAeS Engineering Leadership Scheme (All year)
Funding to help enhance your engineering knowledge and personal skills.

Headstart courses (All year)
Advice and hands-on activies fir STEM careers.

STEM Potential Programme (12 – 13) – Apply by Easter
Attend lectures and subject workshops

Sutton Scholars
Year long academic enrichment programme with a variety of themes.

Universities Access Programme (All year)
Get support in getting into the UK’s top universities.


Code Academy (All year)
Learn the basics of coding in various languages using this interactive site

Gresham College Astronomy Lectures (All year)
20 years worth of short talks about astronomy.

IET Post-16 Careers pack (All year)
Details of routes to a wide range of engineering careers, including university courses and apprenticeships

Khan Academy (All year)
Online courses in topics including Physics, Cosmology, Astronomy, Computer Programming

Ri Channel from the Royal Institution (All year)
A carefully curated collections of science videos on a variety of subjects dating back many years

TED Online Lectures (All year)
Short talks on a huge range of science and technology topics, often by globally renowned individuals

UCL Online Lectures (All year)
Seasonal lectures from UCL that you can watch online

Udacity (All year)
Interactive online courses in science and programming

Places to Visit

Destination Space: Join the Crew (All year)
Celebrate Tim’s mission at your local science and discovery centre

National Space Centre

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Royal Observatory Edinburgh

Science Museum


Engineering Education Scheme

The Astro Science Challenge (November – December 2015)
An interactive space science adventure.


REACT Year 11 Scholarship Programme

School Resources

Earth Observation Detective (All year)
Use photographs taken from space to investigate how our planet is changing.

ESERO-UK Grant Scheme
Grants of up to £1000 for schools

“I’m an Astronaut, Get me out of here”
Meet and interact with the people behind Principia and human space missions.

Rocket Science
Grow your own space salad.

Space to Earth Challenge
Run, swim, cycle, climb, dance or exercise the 400 km distance from the Earth to the ISS orbit.

Team Tim
An entertaining and interactive science show for delivered by a team of trained presenters.

The Great British Space Dinner
Can you design a menu suitable for an astronaut?

TimPix (December 2015)
Monitor radiation levels in space

Science Festivals

AstroCamp (September)

Cambridge Science Festival (March)

North West Astronomy Festival (September)

Oxfordshire Science Festival (March)

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair (March)

Spring Non-Residentials

QMUL STEM Spring School

Summer Non-Residentials

Imperial STEM Pathways Summer School

QMUL Medicine Summer School

QMUL Physics Academy

Summer Residentials

Astrobiology Summer Academy

Chemistry Camps

Dr Bessie Laurence International Summer Science Institute

European Space Camp
Week long rocketry camp in Norway

Headstart Summer Schools

Insights into Science and Engineering

Inspire Year 11 Girls Study Skills Course

International Astronomical Youth Camp

Into Engineering Seminar

Junior Space School (Summer)
One week at the University of Leicester doing space-related activities

KCL Pre-university Summer School

KCL Summer School

London International Youth Science Forum

North West Centre for Science Summer School

Radboud Summer School

Science Summer School

Scottish Space School (Summer)
A week long residential summer school– open to Scottish school student only.

Senior Physics Challenge

Senior Space School (Summer)
One week at the University of Leicester doing space-related activities

[email protected] (Summer)

STEM Summer Schools

STEM World Summer School

Sutton Trust Summer Schools
One week course in a STEM subject

The Kupcinet-Getz International Summer School

UNIQ Summer Schools
One week course in a STEM subject

Utrecht Summer Schools

Young Scientists’ Summer School

Taster Days

Advanced Masterclass Programme (April – November)

Physics Practical School (All year)

Physics Practical School (Various)

University of London Taster Days (All year)

Year 12 Study Days (Spring)

Year 12 Subject Masterclass (All year)

Year 13 Applicant Information Day (September)

Work Experience

Gap Year Placement / Pre-university Placement Scheme (All year)

Industrial Cadets

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (Summer)

Jodrell Bank Work Experience (Summer)
One week at the astronomical research centre of the University of Manchester

NPL Academy
One week at the National Physical Laboratory

Nuffield Science Bursary (Summer)
A funded placement doing research

Renishaw Engineering Experience (July)

Research Internship in Science and Engineering (Summer)

STFC Work Experience
Placement at government laboratories near Oxford

Work Experience Placement (Summer)

Year in Industry Scheme (All year)