Telespazio VEGA Deutschland - Gold Sponsor

We are very grateful for the support of the Telespazio, who are providing a Spacecraft Operations Training simulator throughout the Conference.

Telespazio VEGA Deutschland is a German aerospace company. With almost 400 staff it has been supporting both the civil and military Space and Aviation market for almost 40 years.


Telespazio VEGA Deutschland’s headquarter is in Darmstadt, Germany, alongside the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) and EUMETSAT. It also has premises near the German Space Operations Centre (GSOC), near Munich. It is a subsidiary of Telespazio S.p.A. (a Finmeccanica / Thales company) and is one of the largest of the Telespazio group companies.


Telespazio VEGA Deutschland offers four main types of products to its clients.

  • Ground Systems - Specification, design, implementation and maintenance of software-intensive satellite ground systems
  • Satellite Operations – Flying satellites and fleets
  • Applications & Services – Technology transfer and systems development
  • Networks & Connectivity – Provision of satellite communication services


​The company’s corporate culture is defined by its people, shaped by its multinational environment and the interdisciplinary character of its tasks. Its employees play a role in determining the company’s success through their qualifications, motivation, enthusiasm, pragmatism and their sense of teamwork.

Job Profiles

Talented graduates from disciplines in (space) engineering, computer science, physics and mathematics will find a variety of exciting job profiles, such as Engineers for Spacecraft Operations, Flight Dynamics, Ground Stations, Software, Network and Communications as well as Spacecraft Analysts and Spacecraft Controllers.

Spacecraft Operations Training

Learn to fly a spacecraft with Telespazio's Spacecraft Operations Training simulator. There will be seven hour-long sessions over the weekend, which you can book here.

  • Be part of a realistic flight control team!
  • Run a full procedure by the book!
  • Professional spacecraft training software!
  • No background knowledge or preparation required!

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