Just as the space industry works on international cooperation and competition, we at UKSEDS are also interested in building our scope of knowledge by building relationships of mutual benefit with others across the world.


Linked Associations

UKSEDS have built and hope to continue to build more relationships with like minded associations abroad. Many of these are student organisations. Our current network includes European Aerospace students at EUROAVIA, space students across the Atlantic at SEDS USA and even the global network SGAC, the Space Generation Advisory Council. We hold a Memorandum of Understanding with each of these associations.

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Education and Careers abroad

International experience demonstrates a high level of motivation and willingness to take on new challenges, skills that are often complimented by potential employers. On top of this, with the price of tuition fees being vastly greater in the UK than in many places around the world, taking the opportunity to widen your knowledge base abroad makes more and more sense. Whether it’s a distance course, short in country programme or longer term degree, the opportunities are out there along with potential career paths.

Activities abroad

Just as we hope to build associations, we also hope to build practical experiences for our members. Read here for links to some articles about recent international UKSEDS activities: